How-to: Search Any System Window

Just a blog post for completeness sake, a sequel in my collection of How-to: Search ….

Any classic client list window that does not facilitate the common Find dialog (i.e. system windows) displays similar behavior as I presented in two of my previous posts:

  • How-to: Search a Field in Table Designer
  • How-to: Search in C/AL Globals and Locals
  • The general pattern could be described as following:

    1. Select a cell in the column you want to search through (whatever column!)
    2. On your keyboard press the first character of the value you are searching for (whatever character!)
    3. Repeat this until you find the right value; continuously repeating will loop you through all values having this same first character


    When applying this to editable lists (like in case of Table Designer, Globals and Locals, etc.) you have to make sure all lines are selected before you can loop through the list (for illustration see the two blog posts mentioned above).

    Example 1: Zoom Window

    I need to know the value of VAT Calculation Type field of a Gen. Journal Line record

    1. On the General Journal window
    2. Press Ctrl+F8 to open the Zoom window
    3. Select the first column (Field)
    4. Press the v-key repeatedly until the VAT Calculation Type row is shown

    As this applies to any column you can also loop-search through the value column.

    Example 2: Show Column Window

    I need to unhide the Salespers./Purch. Code column on the General Journal window:

    1. Open the Show Column window via the contextual menu
    2. Select the second column (i.e. select a columns name)
    3. Press the s-key repeatedly until the Salespers./Purch. Code row is shown
    4. Check the row and click OK

    Other System Windows

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    1. This also applies to Page Designer.

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