How-to: Search in C/AL Globals and Locals

Writing my blog post How-to: Search a Field in Table Designer I fully forgotten to mention that in a similar way you can search in C/AL Globals and C/AL Locals.

Be it Variables:

 .. or Functions:

 … or Parameters:

… or Text Constants – although in general this will not help you much as most (standard) text constants start with the letter T.

All you need to do is to:

  1. Make sure you select the right column
  2. Select all lines/records using Ctrl+A or clicking in the upper left corner of the list
  3. Press the key with the first letter of the name or data type of subtype (…) you want to search for
    Now the system will select the first line with a starting with that letter; it will also deselect all lines
  4. Select all lines and press the same key again
    Eventually the system will not deselect the lines and you can continue pressing the same key and in this way jump through all records with a name or data type or subtype (…) starting with that letter.


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