ShowAsTree – a nice blog post by Mehdi EL YASSIR (MSFT)

For a couple of months I have been subscribed to MSDN blogs RSS at the danger of being bombed with loads of blogs post. And because of that probably once every day I did consider to unsubscribe. But every now and then, up till today, I am surprised by a blog post that makes sense to me. Which otherwise I would have missed for sure. So today it seems, like every now and then, worthwhile, seeing this blog post by Mehdi EL YASSIR: Astuce #1 : Propriétés ShowAsTree et Style.

Uhhhh, it’s in French as you will find out. I love French and could even translate it for you, but I think you are intelligent enough to understand the whole thing. If not I’ll read your comment below. [:D]

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  1. On RTC read more of Mehdi EL YASSIR blog posts or Mark Brummel's. There's a lot of infomation around.

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