It’s not Report Transformation but Report Redesign

Oh gosh, what’s in a name?

Yesterday I wanted to see what information the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Developer and IT Pro Documentation exactly contained about transforming reports for RTC, but could not find it as I was looking for transform/transformation/transforming. I even used the cside.chm file to search on these keywords and also on report. I couldn’t find it or the hits were too many. So I decided to to use the documentation feedback feature that’s in the NAV online help and bother Microsoft with my issue. Already today I did get an answer … and a fix: [Y]

We decided not to call it “report transformation” but instead, to say that you “redesign Classic report layouts as RDLC report layouts.” That’s probably why you couldn’t find info on report transformation. All the topics are under the following location in the Developer and IT Pro Help: 

Developing Objects\Designing and Maintaining Reports\Redesigning Classic Reports with Visual Studio Report Designer

You bring up a good point though, and I’m sure you’re not the only person that has searched the Help for report transformation content. I just added the following keywords to the index for all topics that are about “redesigning” reports: 

  • Transforming reports
  • Report transformation

Great service Microsoft.

Better that you know: you’re not transforming but redesigning a report. [:D]

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