Dynamics and DevDays – will they ever meet?

When reading both Mark’s and Waldo’s blog on their pioneering endeavor at the Swedish TechDays, i.e. presenting Dynamics NAV, I was not fully surprised. Don’t get me wrong – read below. [:(]

For years I have already been following the Dutch equivalent from the sideline being a MS tester on Dynamics NAV. To my dismay I never saw any of the presentations and sessions addressing a Dynamics subject. So eventually I always found myself not enlisting for the event. Until this year. Out in the ‘real partner world’ myself now, I am involved in an internal project to get our product development organization in shape to keep supporting our current customers and get ready for our future ambitions. For one of the major tools needed Visual Studio Team Foundation Server became a candidate on our shortlist. As such the upcoming DevDays we’re excellently timed, providing an extensive track on ALM (Application Live cycle Management) with VS 2010 and TFS 2010. And indeed the sessions gave me the insides I was looking for and even more! [Y]

Like on the MS …

Test Manager

… my tester heart was greatly impressed by it’s ability to support manual testing and even let you record and code them … and not in the least the ease of sharing all this with developers. Making testing efforts so much more easier! So I was already thinking up how to get this effective within the orgs I am working in now-a-days, only to find out that it is not supporting Dynamics NAV.

Dynamics vs. Classic

And at the same time my NAV heart was greatly impressed, i.e. down the gutter, having to draw the conclusion that after the first day the only occurrence of Dynamics was on one of the slides of Brian Keller [BTW: a great expert and presenter]. Should I call it: some light at the end of the tunnel? [MS Test Manager will support Dynamics AX.]

The second day gave the same result: Dynamics was only mentioned once during the sessions my colleague Marco de Vries and I attended. In all fairness: because we raised it. [:S]

So what’s up? Are the MS classic stack and MS Dynamics stack never going to meet and cross-fertilize? Why are we so separared?

You know it’s funny to see that many examples used in the various sessions are about creating orders, maintaining contact …


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