Merry C/AL … uhh … Xmas and a Happy NAV 2016

Even though today’s, Dutch climate seems to say something totally different, Christmas is on the verge. School vacation has started and so has mine. We would be traveling to the French Alps for a week of skiing. Too little snow keeps us home, unfortunately. But as our famous soccer philosopher, Johan Cruyff, says: every disadvantage has its advantage. Like time enough to pick up blogging again. Just now I published my pledge to Mr. Microsoft. Hope to see your votes on msconnect. And even though I don’t want My Documentation Trigger to be an Xmas Treeevery disadvantage has its advantage.

So let my take this opportunity to send you virtually Xmas card created in NAV 2016 wishing all my readers a

Feel like playing around with this object? Download it here.

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