MS Test Manager 2010 & NAV

As I wrote on my previous blog post, I “… was greatly impressed by [the Test Manager’s] ability to support manual testing and even let you record and code them … ” [… Read More …]

Yesterday and today I spent some time to download and install the Virtual Machines for VS 2010 RC with Sample Data and Hands-on-Labs. Some time? Sorry for the understatement: it took me a least 4 hours to download, another 4 hours to get it run and, let’s balance it, another 4 hours to play with it so I could use the Test Manager on NAV. And guess what? It was really worth every minute of it. O yes, I got it crashing once; only once. But I got it running and recording and replay my manual test on NAV 2009 RTC. It was real fun! [Y] Although you have to learn to be precise in your actions as every keyboard and mouse action is recorded.

NAV 2009 RTC? So not on Classic? Indeed, not on classic as it does not recognize most of the controls. But I can live with that moving forward and eventually leaving behind the classic client.



  1. Eric,

    … doesn't or does sound easy?

    About the material: the 2nd link (Virtual Machines for VS 2010 RC with Sample Data and Hands-on-Labs)should bring your there.

    If you need more let me know.

    b rg


  2. True.

    What took quite some time is to get the image working with WVPC (Windows [7] Virtual PC). The labs provided on with the image are well written and easy to follow.

    OK, downloading and installing is 'not easy' done, but after that it's not that difficult. Of course you need to install NAV 2009, create some test cases in Test Manager and then execute and record and replay.

  3. I had no problem so far, but it has been some time ago and I am not in the position now to check.

    As SI Bert is saying: "apart from some annoyances it is working great for us."

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