My NAV TechDays 2013 – And Yours?

Today, 21st of September. Summer behind, autumn upfront. My favourite season even though I detest leaving summer. But, you know, being born on the 4th of October …

A new season has just started. School for the kids. Hockey for me and my team fellows. Same applies to volleyball. The Dutch Dynamics Community fourth season. And of course, let’s not forget, the 3rd NAV TechDays. In Antwerp.

Did you already register? I did. Well, more or less did: by submitting my proposal for my NAV and TFS presentation last April. Taking a look at the final agenda, you will notice that my proposal was accepted and thus got me registered. I am really thrilled about this. To share with you my experience with and enthusiasm on NAV ALM with VS Team Foundation Server (TFS).

Does my topic make you curious? Be there Friday November 8, at 13:30 in Room 6. [8-|]

Any question you hope I will address in my session? Use the Session Forum on mibuso to pose it to me. Don’t hold yourself back. BTW: Luc Van Dyck – praise to him – has set up a forum for each NAV TechDays session. You find the full list here.

My NAV TechDays 2013

You might wonder what else will make up my NAV TechDays? To be honest I can’t tell by heart. I have to consult my …

Conference App

OK, here you go (although subject to changes [:D]):

Now did you download it? You should. Go get it here (or scan the QR-code below with your Phone) and select the sessions of your choice.

See you in Antwerp! [Y]


  1. Hi Erik,

    Please do 😉

    In a way you're right about it being the fourth event. However I seem to recall that the first mibuso event wasn't called TechDays and that Luc Van Dyck did see it is the first of the NAV TechDays.

    Good luck in Barcelona.


  2. Hi Taddeo,

    As with previous NAV TechDays everything will be recorded and made available on mibuso.

    b rg


  3. Now that NAV TechDays 2013 is past you can find the recording here:

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