NAV ALM with Team Foundation Server – #1 | Team Foundation Service

For those of you who having, in what ever way, an interest in Team Foundation Server – and of course has planned to come to my presentation at the coming NAV TechDays [8-|] – it probably hasn’t gone by unnoticed that this week Visual Studio 2013 (including VS TFS 2013) has been released. Just a little over a month after RC was already released.

Compared to VS 2012 we indeed get some useful new things, but from my personal perspective the major change is, that TFS has gone to the cloud being a default service provided by MS, called Team Foundation Service. Around the time VS 2012 was delivered and MS started working on VS 2013, this service was already offered with continous delivery, based on the sprint rhythm. And by means of the Visual Studio ALM + Team Foundation Server Blog users where updated on the latest changes.

And you know: it has got an offering helping you to get started at no cost (up to 5 users) and with no need to setup and manage any infrastructure. A very low threshold to start and learn TFS.

I think it’s quite awesome (and I rarely use that word) and I am using it right now to prepare my presentation. So you might go out there and sign up for your own free TFS setup and play around with it before we see each other in Antwerp on November 8 at 13:30, Room 6.


You can use older Visual Studio versions (2010 and 2012) to connect TFS 2013. Sure, there will restrictions in what can be used, but so far I have come across only few. And of course you als will be able to use TFS 2013 web acces which allows you to perform the bigger part of the operations and even has more.

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