Naming Conventions

Some useful resources to study and use when naming objects in NAV, whether it be tables, fields, variables or whatever other object:

  1. Microsoft Dynamics® NAV 2009 Developer and IT Pro Documentation: Naming Conventions discusses the naming of:
    1. Tables objects
    2. Form and Page objects
    3. Report objects
    4. Table fields
    5. Form buttons and menu items
    6. Codeunit objects
    7. Variables
    8. User-defined functions
    9. Form controls
  2. Microsoft Dynamics® NAV 2009 C-SIDE Introduction: Chapter 2 Tables in this course manual discusses a.o. the naming of
    1. Master tables
    2. Supplemental tables
    3. Subsidiary tables
    4. Ledger tables
    5. Register tables
    6. Journal tables
    7. Document tables
    8. Setup tables
  3. Microsoft® Language Portal: to find a translation for your local language term into ENU (vice versa)
  4. Microsoft Dynamics® NAV: the application itself is also a worthwhile reference; have a look at
    1. Object table (Object Designer!)
    2. Field table, by creating a new form/page based on the Field table (2000000041)
    3. Or somewhat more laborious: creating a translate export from NAV and search through it
  5. Microsoft Dynamics® NAV Captions and Abbreviations: in former days we used to have some kind of document that listed the abbreviations to used in the standard application; as per mine msconnect entry Terminology and Abbreviations List it should be released with the NAV ‘7’(2013!) Help toolkit.


  • The first two resources are typically only addressing ENU naming matters, but where it concerns UI only, i.e. strings visible to users of the application, the third and fourth resource will be very helpful
  • And of course: the more consistent the terminology you use, the more efficient it can be translated and the better your customer will understand your application.

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