NAV 2013 SEPA Credit Transfer and Direct Debit Updates – Netherlands – Arghhhhh

Yesterday Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 SEPA Credit Transfer and Direct Debit Updates – Netherlands was released on PartnerSource. Something various partners and customers have been waiting for in The Netherlands. We too. But then for NAV 2009 R2. Instead of asking MS – and probably getting an unclear answer – I started my own investigation on the code to see if this would be an easy job to do. To my amazement I even didn’t get to gathering relevant data to draw my conclusions from as I stumbled over code differences I was sure that wouldn’t work. I even doubted if they would compile, however, they did. Let’s have a look at PAG11000002.

Ever seen this statement?

IF “Detail line2”.FIND(‘%1’) THEN BEGIN

Used to be a simple FIND(‘-‘).


IF Custm.”Our Account No.” <> ‘<>’ THEN

which used to be <> ”

And this statement seems to have absorbed one of the NL local functionality code markers NL0002:

Detail line2″.SETFILTER(Status,’ NL0002′,”Detail line”.Status::Proposal);

‘ NL0002’, which IMHO should have stayed ‘%1’.

Most objects seem OK, but those that do have some NL local functionality code markers, that normally is cleaned before release have similar issue:

  • TAB18
  • TAB23
  • TAB11000000

Even some standard NAV 2013 code has disappeared:

  • TAB18
  • TAB23
  • TAB270

Note that next to that, like before, captions have changed or aren’t even provided (TAB11000005) or wrong (TAB311).

Well, I just wanted to let you know and that I am trying to chase the right persons at MS to get this fixed.


  1. Hi Thomas,

    You're fully right.

  2. Contacted MS and they're working on it.

  3. Haven't been on this till today. Saw just now that the PartnerSource page has been updated today. As I don't have the means to check it, I assume the code has been fixed.

  4. Returned form summer leave started the merge of the SEPA update into our app. Indeed still many bugs regarding captions, promoted commands, (removed) fields … arghhhhh

  5. And what about this difference between TAB18 and TAB23 (leading space in OptionString and ENU caption in TAB 23)?


       { 132 ;   ;Partner Type        ;Option        ;OnValidate=VAR
                                                      OptionCaptionML=[ENU=" ,Company,Person";
                                                                       NLD=" ,Bedrijf,Persoon"];
                                                      OptionString=[ ,Company,Person] }


       { 132 ;   ;Partner Type        ;Option        ;OnValidate=VAR
                                                                       NLD=" , Bedrijf,Persoon"];
                                                      OptionString=,Company,Person }

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