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Misty, autumnal Sunday late afternoon. Lost our field hockey match. Shoot. But won – again! – a game of Stone Age. YES! So now, time to sit down and start my elaboration on my NAV TechDays presentation on NAV ALM with Team Foundation Server, while my dear wife is preparing our diner. Thanx, Sas! [{][}]

I had set, as primary goal for my presentation, to convey my enthusiasm for TFS and rouse it with my audience. Given the number and character of reactions I got there after, I gladly can conclude I did reach my aim. To achieve this, however, I deliberatly left out details, that might be of importance for you, once you get started with TFS within your NAV development. In the next sequel of posts I will work out on My Top 5, being the central framework I had composed my presentation around.

Whereas the chronology of my presentation served the aforementioned goal, the chronology of my posts are meant to help you make the right decisions in setting up TFS for your NAV projects or product development. This leads us to the last entry of my top 5: 5. Branch & Merge, as we first need to make sure that we set up a valid and useful structure for our source control before we can set off with any project or product development in TFS.

But stop: let’s not run to fast here as I will put each of my elaborations in individual post and will create some kind of table of contents in this post. For each individual post a link will be added here:

1. Secure & Refer

2. Develop & Fix

3. Test & Bug

4. Plan & Execute

5. Branch & Merge

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  1. Thanx, Gualter, good to hear you are trying.

    The only workaround I know, is to fix this manually in the .txt file, so that it can be imported again.

    BTW: this is one of the things I will pay attention to in a later post that addresses NAV specifics.

    b rg


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