Visual Studio Online

While me and my colleague Marcel were digging ourselves into NAV’s cost calculation, Visual Studio 2013 was offically launched. Thus having missed all excitement and live communications, this morning I had a first and quick browse through all the news that was shared on this event. You might have seen some of the things I retweeted. Having been using Team Foundation Service for my NAV TechDays presentation this almost trivial thing directly caught my eye: the rename of Team Foundation Service into Visual Studio Online.

To get some more details read Brian Harry’s article Visual Studio Online updates – Nov 13.

Based on the free availability of Team Foundation Service, uhhh, Visual Studio Online, I did my utmost best in my presentation to convey the message: Get there and start today. No complex installation to stop you from start using (or at least investigating th use of) TFS for NAV development. And also no cost to keep from starting. So go there and start today:

For details on the 2-fold offering (Basic or Professional):

So don’t stop here, but get there and start today.

If you missed this “message” during my presentation I am sure you got it now ;-).

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