NAV2013 Beta to RTM – Some Striking Code Changes #1: Objects Statistics

You might recall that for NAV 2013 Beta I noted down the objects statistics here. So here is a small update moving from Beta (object date May 9, 2012) to RTM (object date September 7, 2012).

In the 4 months between Beta and RTM the NAV team clearly hasn’t been leaning back with respect to NAV 2013.


NAV 2013 Beta -> RTM







So quite a substantial number of objects have been updated. 1960 on a total 3,908 objects in RTM (3,911 in Beta).


Though some individual objects show updates in the application (bug fixes?), the major part clearly show the following update patterns:

In a series of next posts I will dive into some details.


This is for the NL version. However, this gives a good indication for w1 as NL localization is very restricted.

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  1. Erik, good that you ask. These are NOT included.

    If you do include them it's about 2800 objects all together.

    [UPDATE 20121103 – I guess I mentioned a wrong number, as today, doing a new compare, I see 3453 changed objects]

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