NAV2013 Glance 1: Expand/Collapse C/AL Functions

I finally got things set to dive into NAV2013. And I am really happy. As MVP I was part of (a kind of) TAP program and was provided with a number of CTP builds, but I have been fighting ever since to get things in place and got a bit fed up so did no do much with it, unfortunately. So here I am now, partly thanx to a couple of colleagues who did build a good virtual machine.

As I wanted to check a codeunit issue I mentioned in this post, at first glance I immediately noticed something. Did you see the screen shot above? I mean did you notice anything special about it apart from it being a virginal codeunit?

The minus (collapse) buttons! This is really cool. I must admit: never had any thoughts on this idea. Of course often a bit aggravated when having to browse through these humongous codeunits like codeunit 80 or 90. This is how codeunit 80 can look like providing more overview (if needed).

Some Notes

  1. To expand or collapse all you need to use the relevant menu option under the Edit menu.
    Possible improvement: It would have been great to have it also available in the (right click) context menu like Go To Definition
  2. Using the Find (Ctrl+F) feature automatically all functions will be expanded.
    Possible improvement: leave functions collapse and perform the FInd only at the level of collapsed function (names and parameters) and those expanded

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