NAV2013 Glance 2: C/SIDE is totally Headless

OK, we knew Forms would be totally out. Likewise classic Reports with their request forms and previews. All would be replaced by RTC windows, i.e. Pages and Request Pages and RDLC previews.

But what about the various dialogs like MESSAGE and CONFIRM? What would show when I would program a codeunit calling either of these functions (or the others like ERROR)?

So I created this simple test codeunit, calling MESSAGE, ERROR and after execution displaying a dialog giving a summary of the test results:

Running the codeunit:

  1. Launches RTC
  2. Displays the CONFIRM

    (Click No to …)
  3. Enforce(s) the ERROR and get the test result

Indeed C/SIDE is totally headless. All run-time GUI is displayed through RTC.

Update 2012-06-07

Hadn’t thought about that yesterday, but what do you think ‘running’ a table from the Object Designer does? Yep, it launches RTC showing a page listing the reocrds contained in the table!

Update 2012-06-10

I wrote above that “all run-time GUI is displayed through RTC”, this is actually only have the truth and I should have written: CSIDE no longer runs code, but all it does is activating code (including GUI) to be run on NAV Server and RTC.

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