As you know I have been very happy with the introduction of the EXPORTOBJECTS and IMPORTOBJECTS functions in NAV 2009 SP1, so you can guess my dismay when I found out it is not supported on NAV 2013 (or more precise: it was never implemented for RTC, only on CC). And I am not the only one as you can read on my friends Jan’s blog. I wonder if there are more among you who think the same.

If so put a comment below this blog post why you agree with me and Jan (or disagree [^o)]). Or you might even want to go out here and vote.


  1. Sorry for that. But OK, you did enter a comment here πŸ˜‰ Thanx!

    So to  others that cannot read th sconnect entry: please enter a comment here.

    BTW: ss it's not only for MVPs but also those that are in the TAP program

  2. Well, not directtly powershell, but in the line cmd fin executable (finsql). But that's not (directly) from C/AL code.

  3. Thanx for pointing out, Julius.

  4. BTW: the NAV 2013 Beta download page is to be found on PartnerSource:…/General.aspx

  5. @dcintron: where did you look "for the documentation on this feature" and found "Blank topics are included as placeholders."?

  6. @Dave: sorry for the delay I am in slow mode as I am recovering from a concussion $-)

    Unfortunately you are fully right, that’s why I wrote this post. However, some befriended developer has some solution for that which he gave me the code of that I can publish. Have planned to do that, but, in slow mode, this takes some time πŸ˜‰

  7. @Dave: read Marco's post on this matter for a solution.

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