Welcome to the Dynamics blog-o-sphere! #3

For those who have been waiting on my next post on NAV development and TFS: while I am not finding time yet to write more, go here and read. Having been in contact with Ron and Satya for some while already, I am very glad they have picked up the task to start writing about that what they know a lot about and from whom I can still learn a lot. Both Ron and Satya are two enthusiastic IT professionals working on a daily basis with TFS from a different background (both professional and cultural) developing tools to integrate C/SIDE and TFS. Originally for internal use only at To Increase, but also becoming available externally.

Hope to read much more from you guys! Welcome to the Dynamics blog-o-sphere!


  1. Hi Julius, you "feels like they are not focusing so much on the developers". I do not fully agree as there are many changes in NAV2013 DE (Development Environment) to help us developers. (And we already did get some in NAV 2009 R2).

    True, it's not VS DE and will most probably not be for some versions to go (see the Statement of Directions).

    But in the context of this blog post, take advantage of VS TFS integration with NAV possibilities as advocated by Ron and Satya.

  2. It hasn't been sold yet, but they are set to do that. As a matter of fact: I am involved as an external to go out and sell/advocate it 😉 But we're just at the start.

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