RTC Actions and Images – What to use?

Yesterday I took over some bugs from one of my colleagues. Among them one reporting an anomaly on page 30. Have a look:

OK, hardly to be called a bug, but I have to agree with the bug reporter that it doesn’t really look fancy, this quintet of those well known black pool balls.

[For those interested: the commands typically lacking images are part of one of our add-ons.]

As a user I would definitely suspect the developer (or designer) had suffered an off-day. On the other hand inside MS it was- and probably still is – strictly forbidden to reuse an image for actions akin, as an image was designed uniquely for an action. Needed an image for a new action? Apply for a new one!

But outside of MS? Well no one checking us, isn’t it? So we can populate the Image property with whatever image name we like. Various listings at hand to identify image and it’s name:

Although I did a lot of searching, typically there seem to be no specific guidelines for partners about what can and cannot be done with images. So I decided we will simply reuse the existing images. Looks much better isn’t it?

Indeed, still one pool ball left as I could no find a satisfying image, but I can surely live with that single black spot.


  • to avoid that any of team members decides on the fly what image to be attached we have defined exactly what images to be used with what actions in our add-ons
  • update 20110812: added Gaspode’s very useful link (see comment below)


  1. I could say: I live with the existing ones instead of having black pool balls (even though I know that MS only wants images to be used for what they were designed for).

  2. Great adition, Dave. Thanx for pointing out. As you see I have the link to the trio above.

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