SQL Server 2008 Express #3: Developing RDLC Reports

Wow, almost a month has passed since I wrote my last post here. A month full of work, among others taking our first steps in SCRUM planning. A spring month that felt like summer, spending a week in France cutting trees and, oops, cutting myself – don’t worry, I am still there! So I am here again writing about … yep, a next episode of SQL Server 2008 Express.

Visual Studio

The other day my fellow consultant was wondering whether our customers, although having granule 7110 (Report and Dataport Designer) in their license, would have any profit of this in the context of RTC. I.e. being able to build RDLC reports themselves. As designing RDLC reports does need Visual Studio, which is a separate MS product that needs to be acquired. Indeed acquired and at what cost? I had no idea, though my logic told me that you would have pay for it. But reality does not always match my logic. Fortunately, read below.

Googling, uhh sorry, Binging, brought me to this page: Requirements for Developing Reports for the RoleTailored Client. As such not much news to me and nothing defying my logic still. But there was this one sentence:

Or actually the link inside it. You see it? What! You could have missed, couldn’t you. The what led me to this NAV Team blog post: What are the Visual Studio options for developing RDLC reports for Dynamics NAV 2009 giving even more details on the requirements for developing reports for … listing Visual Studio this and Visual Studio that and “Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 included in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express with Advanced Services“.

What? Indeed “included in … SQL Server 2008 Express …”, which is freely available and can be downloaded here.


Again synchronicity, reading the word What having just finished reading What is the What?

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