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On May 19th the Dutch Dynamics Community gathered for their third event hosting parallel two sessions. One on RTC Reporting, by Willem Zijderveld, GAC, and the other on SQL Performance, by Ludo Van den Ende, SQL Perform. Downloads for both can be found here. In this post my short (personal) resume on the RTC Reporting session including one of Jorrit Mertens many tips.

RTC Reporting session

The purpose of Willem Zijderveld’s presentation was to introduce both technical and functional oriented NAV professionals in RTC Reporting, compare old and new, and as such show the added value of the latter. I know some techies had expected more deep dive, but that was outside our scope for this evening. But never mind: we have still a technical deep dive session on our short list.

The main things of interest to me were:

  • any classic report can be build in RDL
  • complex classic reports (like documents) are also complex in RDL
  • once you have gotten acquainted to building RDC reports the amount of time, needed to build such a report, is comparable to building a classic report
  • however before you are acquainted a RDL reports typically takes 1.5 more time than classic
  • for mixed mode reports (for both classic and RTC) plan more time; it will probably take a little less time than time needed for classic and time needed for RDLC asdata manipulation code will serve both modes
  • data needed in (page) headers/footers has to be taken from the dataitem (body) sections

On the latter, one of attendees, Jorrit Mertens, tipped on how to organize your ‘datasets’ on a classic section in case your only interested in the RDL report, i.e. your are not using the report in classic mode.

Jorrit’s Tip

So if your are building a RDL report (and classic view is not used) and you do need a dataset containing data for header, body and footer consider to generate your dataset (on the classic body section) as follows:

Thanx for sharing, Jorrit!

[And thanx Thomas for the tip on how to include the screen shot]

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For those who are looking for more info on RDL Report layout: NAV Team Blog on Reporting.

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