Test Automation Examples – Example Three

A couple of months ago I introduced here my GitHub project Test Automation Examples when I had just finished the first example as a spinoff of my new online course. And around that time I started with example 2. Test wise this one was a bit too ambitious and as a consequence it is still waiting to be completed. Hopefully somewhere during my long summer recess I get it done. Meanwhile, at my major employer, I designed a nice new feature with a bit more restricted scope than example 2 which this morning I added as example 3 to his GitHub repository: Automatically Set Posting Period on GL Setup and User Setup. Feel free to have a look and make use of it to help you make your next step in getting your test automation skills leveraged.

Might you have any suggestion (or question) for improving existing and/or adding new examples, be invited to record an issue in the repository. Next to the effort I still not to put in example 2 my backlog has a task to start categorizing the examples to allow you to find easier examples you are looking for. Feel free to suggest categories and where to apply them here.


A big thanx to Peter Conijn, one of my great colleagues, who joined us last year and immediately stepped into test automation.

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